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10th December 2018

Diary Items to Note

Wednesday 23rd January 201919:30
Umpiring Committee
Red Lion Whittlesford
Monday 4th February 201919:30
A&A Selection Meeting
Coach & Horses - Newport

Latest News

24th NovPromotions

Following their recent assessments, I have great pleasure in congratulating David Eggleton & Kishor Shah on their promotion to the men’s Panel A.

Very well done to both of you.

Ray Allum
Chairman A&A

24th NovMilestone Matches

Milestone Match

Congratulations to Tim Martin who completed his 300th ERHUA league match this weekend.

A fantastic achievement and our first member to reach this milestone since website records began.

Well done Tim.

Nick Meakin ERHUA Chairman
Ray Allum A&A Chairman

24th NovMilestone Matches

Milestone Match

Congratulations to Jon Bigham who completed his 100th ERHUA league match this weekend.

Nick Meakin ERHUA Chairman
Ray Allum A&A Chairman

18th NovCongratulations

Congratulations to Will Davey on his successful Level 3 assessment and gaining membership to the NPUA.

Well done Will.

Ray Allum
Chairman A&A.

17th NovMilestone Match

Milestone Match

Congratulations to Peter Lemon who umpired his 250th ERHUA league match this weekend.

A fantastic achievement.

Well done Peter.

Nick Meakin ERHUA Chairman
Ray Allum A&A Chairman

17th NovMilestone Match

Milestone Match

Congratulations to Stuart Birkett who completed his 50th ERHUA support match this weekend.

Well done Stuart.

Nick Meakin ERHUA Chairman
Ray Allum A&A Chairman

14th NovTravelling to Matches

Dear All,

Can I take this opportunity to remind the membership that when appointments are made, if there is a possibility for the umpires to travel together, then this option should be taken.

Not only does this save the association money, but it also gives the umpires the perfect opportunity to have their pre-match chat to cover all aspects for the upcoming match!

Ray Allum
Chairman A&A

12th NovCongratulations

After her watching at the weekend, I am pleased to welcome Katherine Abbie to our region as a L2 umpire.

Ray Allum
A&A Chairman

10th NovMilestone Match

Milestone Match

Congratulations to Philip Everett who umpired his 150th ERHUA league match this weekend.

Well done Philip.

Nick Meakin ERHUA Chairman
Ray Allum A&A Chairman

2nd NovAn Introduction to our New Chairman

Dear All,

As you will all now hopefully be aware, after six and a half years of excellently leading the ERHUA, Barry has now stood down and the committee have asked me to take over as chair of ERHUA, an honour that I was happy to accept. In order to do so and so that there can be no perceived conflict of interest, I will be resigning as chair of SCHUA at our AGM later this month.

Having had a sabbatical from hockey between 1998 and 2012, although the old guard know me, I may be something of an enigma to many of the membership so thought I should introduce myself.

I first got involved in hockey aged 14 at school in Bath and joined Bath hockey club. All my serious adult hockey was played in the North for various clubs, but in my younger days as a player I made it as far as the England Indoor training squad and played for Neston in the top flight of the national league in its very first season. During those times I also picked up a whistle for the first time but only umpired indoor hockey. I had also spent some time working in Scandinavia and having joined the Scandinavian hockey umpires club was privileged to be appointed to umpire at a junior nation’s international indoor tournament through that route.

We moved to Ipswich in 1990 having just had our first child and I joined IES HC. I took up umpiring full time in 1993 and was admitted to ERHUA in 1994 and onto the national panel in 1995. I had to stop hockey activities at the end of the 1997/8 season due to the amount of international travel I was doing while running a multinational business, combined with a growing young family.
I now run my own business and picked up a whistle again for Suffolk in 2012 and was readmitted to the ERHUA at the start of the 2015 season.

Our association has a reputation that is second to none for identifying and developing umpiring talent to fulfil its potential. Though we are in a time of significant restructuring that may well result in me being the last person to hold the position of chair of ERHUA, it is a privilege to be asked to do so and I will be working to ensure that everything that has made ERHUA so successful over the years, is incorporated into the new organisation and structure, however those discussions are concluded. I look forward to meeting with you as the season progresses.

Nick Meakin
Chairman ERHUA

26th OctNew ERHUA Chairman

Dear All,

At this year’s AGM Barry Smith announced that he would be stepping down as Chairman of the ERHUA, but due to the proposed replacement being unable to take up the role Barry agreed to remain until a suitable replacement could be found. It was also agreed that the ERHUA Umpiring Committee would be given the power to vote in the new Chairman.

We are pleased to announce that a new Chairman has been found, and at this week’s meeting the committee voted unanimously to appoint Nick Meakin as our new Chairman.

We would like to welcome Nick and wish him well in his new role.

We would also like to thank Barry for his 6 ½ years of services as Chairman and wish him well on his return to the hockey pitch as a player !

Mary Baker
Hon.Sec ERHUA.

26th OctUmpiring Committee minutes

The minutes of the Umpiring Committee held on 24th October have now been published.

Mary Baker
Hon. Sec. ERHUA

25th OctEmergency Details Form

ERHUA is adopting an Emergency Details form to inform paramedics and first aiders in the event of an emergency at your game.

If an umpire or umpire supporter is ill or injured and cannot personally respond to questions raised by a paramedic or first aider, colleagues can search the incapacitated person’s bag, find the form and provide vital information.

It is well known that prompt and accurate medical facts about a patient can help towards providing the right care quickly.

Please find the form on the download pages, or follow the link attached to this news item.

We thank Kent Umpires Association and Debbie Garner for providing this form.

Nick Meakin
ERHUA Chairman

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25th OctRules Regarding Goalkeepers & Players with Goalkeeping Privileges - Update


In addition to rule 10, rule 2.3g should be followed:

g time is stopped for substitution of goalkeepers (ie wearing full protective equipment) but not for other substitutions.

Time is stopped briefly to permit a goalkeeper who
is wearing full protective equipment to take part in a
substitution. The time stoppage is not extended for a
goalkeeper to put on or take off protective equipment
as part of a substitution including following a
goalkeeper injury or suspension. If necessary, play
should continue with a player with goalkeeping
privileges and wearing a different coloured shirt or
only with field players while a substitute goalkeeper
puts on or takes off protective equipment.

Nick Meakin
ERHUA Chairman

25th OctRules Regarding Goalkeepers & Players with Goalkeeping Privileges

Following a recent incident regarding a goalkeeper being sin binned and a player taking on goalkeeping privileges, please read the below rule to refresh your memory on what should happen, and what is allowed when this occurs.

Of course all of you would have re-read the rules book prior to the start of the current season and be familiar with rule 10!

Attached is a link to the full rule book should you wish to brush up on anything else.

10 Conduct of play: goalkeepers and players with goalkeeping privileges

10.1 A goalkeeper who wears protective equipment comprising at least headgear, leg guards and kickers must
not take part in the match outside the 23 metres area they are defending, except when taking a penalty

Protective headgear must be worn by a goalkeeper at all times, except when taking a penalty stroke.

10.2 A player with goalkeeping privileges must not take part in the match outside the 23 metres area they are
defending when wearing the protective headgear but may remove the headgear and take part in the match
anywhere on the field.

Protective headgear must be worn by a player with goalkeeping privileges when defending a penalty
corner or penalty stroke.

10.3 When the ball is inside the circle they are defending and they have their stick in their hand:

a goalkeepers wearing full protective equipment are permitted to use their stick, feet, kickers, legs or leg
guards to propel the ball and to use their stick, feet, kickers, legs, leg guards or any other part of their
body to stop the ball or deflect it in any direction including over the back-line

Goalkeepers are not permitted to conduct themselves in a manner which is dangerous to other players
by taking advantage of the protective equipment they wear.

b players with goalkeeping privileges are permitted to use their stick, feet and legs to propel the ball and to
use their stick, feet, legs or any other part of their body to stop the ball or deflect it in any direction
including over the back-line.

c goalkeepers wearing full protective equipment and players with goalkeeping privileges are permitted to
use arms, hands and any other part of their body to push the ball away.

The action in rule c above is permitted only as part of a goal saving action or to move the ball away from
the possibility of a goal scoring action by opponents. It does not permit a goalkeeper or player with
goalkeeping privileges to propel the 28 ball forcefully with arms, hands or body so that it travels a long

10.4 Goalkeepers or players with goalkeeping privileges must not lie on the ball.

10.5 When the ball is outside the circle they are defending, goalkeepers or players with goalkeeping privileges are only permitted to play the ball with their stick.

A player with goalkeeping privileges is considered to be a field player when outside the circle they are defending.


Nick Meakin
ERHUA Chairman

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21st OctMilestone Matches

Milestone Matches

Congratulations to Alan Baker who recently umpired his 250th ERHUA league
match, joining a select bunch who have achieved this milestone.

And congratulations to Andy Meacher on reaching his 150th support match, the first person to achieve this since the website records began!

Well done Alan and Andy.

Barry Smith ERHUA Chairman
Ray Allum A&A Chairman

16th OctA & A Commitee

The Minutes of the A & A Committee meeting held on the 1st of October have now been published
Chris Row
Sec A & A Committee

2nd OctCongratulations

Congratulations to Tony Bond & Eliot Bates on their promotion to Panel A & Panel B* respectively.

Keep up the good work!

Ray Allum
Chairman A&A

29th SepCongratulations

Congratulations to David Matson and Simon Parsons on their successful Level 2 assessments and gaining membership to the ERHUA.

Welcome to the East.

Ray Allum
Chairman A&A.

19th SepPLUM 2018 Presentations

Dear All,

The powerpoint presentations shown at the PLUM conference are now available for download from the Information & Downloads section of the website.

Click the above link or go to the downloads page and click on PLUM 2018 Presentations to download.

Trevor Norman

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17th SepPLUM 2018

PLUM 2018

PLUM 2018 has been a massive success, with teams, umpires and umpire coaches operating at three locations, each with two pitches.

The start of the weekend was a series of presentations by Louise Knipe, a top FIH Umpire Manager, Hamish Jamson, an English Olympic Umpire and Andy Halliday, the current Manager of the Great Britain and England men’s teams. Louise and Hamish were present as part of a course for young international umpires that they were running for the EHF, and these umpires also took part in the action whilst being mentored by Louise and Hamish. The turnout by our ERHUA members and guests for these presentations was fantastic, and filled the OL main room virtually to capacity.

We thank Louise, Hamish and Andy for their thought-provoking presentations, and we are grateful that they will allow us to upload their presentations and clips onto the ERHUA website in due course. They are well worth watching.

We were blessed with excellent weather for the “action” part of the weekend and all umpires had the opportunity to umpire under excellent conditions along with receiving coaching throughout the weekend. We would like to thank all the umpire coaches that took part, together with the Centres themselves and those members who, behind the scenes, made things happen.

A big thank you also to the staff at Old Loughtonians HC who laid on a splendid dinner for umpires and coaches on the Saturday evening.

We are all grateful to the members of the organising committee from among our number, too many to name individually, for all their hard work and dedication over the past year and we look forward to another successful event in 2019.

Alan Budd
President, ERHUA

17th SepUse & Maintenance of Radio Sets


I would like to remind the membership that the responsibility of maintaining and keeping the umpiring radios in good working order is down to the individual the radio has been allocated to.

The ERHUA have invested heavily in these radios for the benefit of its members, so the association expects that the radios are looked after in the appropriate manner.

If there are any problems with the radio, headset, carry pouch or charging unit firstly please inform me. Then if necessary following further discussions, it remains the responsibility of the member to contact ‘Umpire Talk’ the radio manufacturer directly to arrange any repair or replacement.

This enables me to keep a record of what has happened to the radios, while ensuring members get radios working again as soon as possible.

This is all set out in the letter sent out when radios are issued. Please follow the link to refresh your memory.

Thank you.

Trevor Norman
Webmaster & ERHUA Umpire Radio Co-ordinator.

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28th JulSecretary Vacancy

Please note at the end of the 2018/2019 season, our secretary, Mary Baker, has given notice of her intention to step down from the role after many years of service to the ERHUA committee. We therefore would like to start the proccess of succession planning to make sure we have an effective transition. We would ask interested parties to contact either Mary, or myself and we will publish a role description to those persons.
Barry Smith
ERHUA Chairman

5th JanWebsite Enhancement - Umpire & Club Feedback

Dear Umpire,
Very shortly the ERHUA will be introducing a new marking system to the website to allow umpires to give feedback on teams and teams to give feedback on umpires.

This will allow you to appraise the match/teams involved in your league match. This gives us the opportunity to work with the clubs in identifying any areas for praise or concern, with the intention of raising the standards of performance and behaviour within the East League. This includes pre-match hospitality, on pitch behaviour and quality of the post-match refreshment.

The changes will mean, when you login to your personal area after you have umpired a league game, as well as seeing the normal request to input your expenses, you will see that you will be required to give feedback on the teams.

There will be a new dropdowns within the menu with seven levels, where you can select from Excellent down to unacceptable. Depending on your selection, you may then need to provide further information to explain your reasoning for that selection.

Please note we will be using this system on league games only, so you will not be required to provide feedback for any cup games or tournaments. Also, you will not be able to claim any expenses until your match feedback has been completed.

This is not one way traffic – the Clubs get their opportunity to feed back on the umpires` performance as well! This happens in a number of ways - clubs provide a rating for each umpire for every match in the outdoor league; and clubs are also able to submit additional comments or feedback for the umpires which are read by your Panel Selector.

Each umpire`s average scores from the clubs are published in their personal area twice each season, at the end of the first half and at the end of the season. Members can see their own average scores and the overall average scores for umpires on their panel. No averages are shown if the umpire has umpired fewer than five games in that half-season.

The introduction of these new systems is to allow the ERHUA and the East League Association to better understand the behaviour of clubs, and to aid the A&A committee in the monitoring of umpire performance across the region.

We have chosen to implement these systems now at the halfway point of the season, to allow everyone including umpires, clubs and administrators to get use to the systems and requirements before we start a new season. Therefore, while this half season’s feedback will be useful, the main purpose of the introduction to see how the systems work and iron out any issues we may find.

If you are having trouble with the use of this new system, please contact me as soon as possible to rectify the issue.

The Webmaster.

7th Sep (2017)Fitness Test

Just a quick reminder all panel A umpires must pass either the Bleep or Cooper test before or just after the start of the new season, failure to do so will result in that umpire being dropped down a panel , All Candidates must pass either tests before they are given a game, Any umpire who aspires to progress up the umpiring ladder within our region will be required to pass a fitness test before moving up a panel

Ray Allum.

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